Sponsor Checklist Aberdovey Bike Ride

2016 Sponsor Checklist - 28 Riders
Rider NoRideNameSponsorMinimumShortage
37Main Ride Banned Tom Roberts £0£75.00£75.00
68Main Ride Banned Richard Bennett £0£75.00£75.00
165Main Ride Banned Nick Field £0£75.00£75.00
168Main Ride Banned Mark Ballard £0£75.00£75.00
211Main Ride Banned Paul Elkington £0£75.00£75.00
272Main Ride Banned Andrew Lacon £0£75.00£75.00
289Main Ride Banned Glenn Reynolds £0£75.00£75.00
292Main Ride Banned Russell Clements £0£75.00£75.00
316Main Ride Banned Gareth Jones £0£75.00£75.00
322Main Ride Banned Stephen Warner £0£75.00£75.00
323Main Ride Banned Richard Peters £0£75.00£75.00
324Main Ride Banned Wayne Broome £0£75.00£75.00
411Main Ride Banned Julien Jones £0£75.00£75.00
421Main Ride Banned Stephen Gallagher £0£75.00£75.00
427Main Ride Banned Charles Ward £0£75.00£75.00
442Main Ride Banned Mark Oliver £0£75.00£75.00
460Main Ride Banned Damian Jay £0£75.00£75.00
470Main Ride Banned James Toddington £0£75.00£75.00
472Main Ride Banned Graham Corfield £0£75.00£75.00
522Main Ride Banned Robert Evans-Meese £0£75.00£75.00
527Main Ride Banned Brian Southall £0£75.00£75.00
538Main Ride Banned Andy Bate £0£75.00£75.00
547Main Ride Banned Steve Webber £0£75.00£75.00
589Main Ride Banned Charlie Cambidge £0£75.00£75.00
602Main Ride Banned Mike Kenny £0£75.00£75.00
615Main Ride Banned Barry Charters £0£75.00£75.00
Note: Please leave 4 weeks after paying before contacting us.
Banned - You have been banned from future rides due to non payment of sponsor money.