Sponsor Checklist Aberdovey Bike Ride

2019 Sponsor Checklist - 47 Riders
Rider NoRideNameSponsorMinimumShortage
6Main Ride Banned Andrew Williams20.00100.0080.00
10Main Ride Banned Jason Pickrell0.00100.00100.00
37Main Ride Banned Philip Argue0.00100.00100.00
71Main Ride Banned Rhodri Williams0.00100.00100.00
79Main RideRob Parr0.00100.00100.00
94Main Ride Banned Dave Robinson0.00100.00100.00
97Main Ride Banned Mike Cripps0.00100.00100.00
98Main Ride Banned Ian Smith0.00100.00100.00
179Main Ride Banned Michael Preece20.00100.0080.00
181Main Ride Banned Sally Mcgurn15.00100.0085.00
195Main Ride Banned Narinder Madhar0.00100.00100.00
201Challenge RidePaul Tolley0.00200.00200.00
205Main Ride Banned Phil Baker0.00100.00100.00
208Main Ride Banned Owen Evans0.00100.00100.00
304Main Ride Banned Simon Dawes0.00100.00100.00
308Main Ride Banned Ian Broomhall0.00100.00100.00
358Main Ride Banned Tom Lamb0.00100.00100.00
363Main Ride Banned James Lister0.00100.00100.00
376Main Ride Banned Steve Kenny0.00100.00100.00
386Main RideVince Cope0.00100.00100.00
431Main Ride Banned Richard Scholes0.00100.00100.00
437Main RideAdam Wilson0.00100.00100.00
438Main RideGraham Butler0.00100.00100.00
457Main Ride Banned James Dair0.00100.00100.00
466Main Ride Banned Gary Wood0.00100.00100.00
473Main Ride Banned Jason Parker65.00100.0035.00
495Main Ride Banned Sanjay Gupta0.00100.00100.00
498Main Ride Banned Richard Fryer 0.00100.00100.00
505Main Ride Banned Thomas Grigg0.00100.00100.00
558Main Ride Banned Scott Lane0.00100.00100.00
569Main Ride Banned Julie Smith0.00100.00100.00
571Main Ride Banned Rhys Harper0.00100.00100.00
572Main Ride Banned Sean Argue0.00100.00100.00
579Main Ride Banned Andrew Tomkins0.00100.00100.00
582Main Ride Banned Ben Angell0.00100.00100.00
592Main Ride Banned Gurpreet Kaur Johal0.00100.00100.00
606Main Ride Banned Tom Kavanagh0.00100.00100.00
608Main Ride Banned Bajinder Mehta0.00100.00100.00
612Main RideJavaid Asghar0.00100.00100.00
623Main Ride Banned Andy Hudson0.00100.00100.00
632Main Ride Banned Garry Edwards0.00100.00100.00
634Main Ride Banned Dave Edwards0.00100.00100.00
665Main RideNicolas Cartwright0.00100.00100.00
667Main Ride Banned Andrew Witts0.00100.00100.00
670Main Ride Banned James Cole0.00100.00100.00
671Main Ride Banned Louise Archer0.00100.00100.00
691Main Ride Banned Spencer Turner0.00100.00100.00
Note: Please leave 4 weeks after paying before contacting us.
Banned - You have been banned from future rides due to non payment of sponsor money.