Sponsor Checklist Aberdovey Bike Ride

2017 Sponsor Checklist - 25 Riders
Rider NoRideNameSponsorMinimumShortage
10Main Ride Banned Ollie Jones £0£75.00£75.00
167Main Ride Banned Dubs Gill £0£75.00£75.00
169Main Ride Banned Liz Hettle £0£75.00£75.00
176Main Ride Banned Scott Miller £0£75.00£75.00
181Main Ride Banned Robert Smith £0£75.00£75.00
188Main Ride Banned Michael Brown £0£75.00£75.00
285Main Ride Banned Mark Coldicott £0£75.00£75.00
333Main Ride Banned Paul Baker £0£75.00£75.00
356Main Ride Banned Richard Taylor £0£75.00£75.00
374Main Ride Banned Dave Northwood £0£75.00£75.00
383Main Ride Banned Andrew Forrest £0£75.00£75.00
389Main Ride Banned Jon Hettle £0£75.00£75.00
398Main Ride Banned Joshua Warner £0£75.00£75.00
416Main Ride Banned Spencer Coxon £0£75.00£75.00
420Main Ride Banned Clare McLaughlin £0£75.00£75.00
421Main Ride Banned Nick Field £0£75.00£75.00
425Main Ride Banned Gill Forrest £0£75.00£75.00
441Main Ride Banned Simon Furnival £0£75.00£75.00
451Main Ride Banned Rowan McKittrick £0£75.00£75.00
477Main Ride Banned Lee Morton £0£75.00£75.00
595Main Ride Banned Gary Wood £0£75.00£75.00
620Main Ride Banned Paul Jungklaus £0£75.00£75.00
635Main Ride Banned Allan Wright £0£75.00£75.00
639Main RideDan Helsby £0£75.00£75.00
643Main Ride Banned Andy Whelan £0£75.00£75.00
Note: Please leave 4 weeks after paying before contacting us.
Banned - You have been banned from future rides due to non payment of sponsor money.